Are casuals more preferred for occasions now?

Dressing up for occasions is always a tedious task. The attire you wear best describes you to the people around. Dressing up fashionably is always difficult. As trends keep changing every day, sticking on to the old fashioned clothes will only make you stand out of the crowd. Back in those days, people picked exclusive garments for occasions. This included mostly tailor-made suits, with contrast ties. Men clothing has always had very few options to choose from, unlike women. Here are a few casual clothing ideas that men can wear on weddings to look trendy.

  1. Skip the suit

The first change that men must take into consideration is skipping the suit. Suits have been traditional wedding costumes for ages. But to look trendy you have to swap the suit for a blazer or a sport coat. Contrasting coloured Tees that perfectly match the shade of the coat will give you the best look in any event. For winter weddings, you can pair up a white turtle neck tees with sweater blazer or knits.

2. Button-down short sleeve

To look elegant and trendy, the best choice you can opt is a simple mild shaded button-down shirt. More preferably a half sleeve shirt. Pair them up with slacks or khakis to look handsome and casual in a wedding. This would break the ideology that casuals are an inappropriate way of dressing for occasions.

3. Add some prints

Printed shirts have always been thought of as casual wear. It is always considered a bad idea to wear a printed shirt for a wedding. Wearing simple plaid or striped shirts to wedding can give you the best look. Cool colours with small stripes and half sleeves would look perfect to wear on an occasion. Prints with subtle colours are perfect for occasions.

4. Bowties and Braces

You can rely on these two accessories to add on to your casual wedding attire. Use complementing colours with your button-down shirt to look fashionable. For instance, you can pair a white button-down shirt with a black bow tie and dark blue braces. This goes well with a black pant and shiny black shoes.

There are a few things you shouldn’t do while dressing up casually for an occasion. Try to avoid wearing T-shirts unless it is a super casual wedding. Instead, you can wear Tees with coats and contrasting pants to give yourself a casual look. Do not wear a necktie to casual costumes. This will give you a confused look, and not a casual one. One important thing that people notice on occasions is your footwear. Never wear flip flops or open-toe shoes to a wedding. You can put on loafers with casual attire to look chill and stylish.

The shades of colours to choose from vary with seasons. Dark shades are preferred much on fall and winter weddings. Cool colours suit perfect for occasions during summer. You can always check on the internet and choose from websites that offer online shopping for men. The suggestions can help you pick a casual attire for occasions from an array of choices available.

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